Unexpected 4 Day Weekend!

So the word is in, we have today AND tomorrow off as the storm works out it’s kinks. Kink number one? We haven’t lost power in Maryland yet. It’s great so far, but we’re also anxiously dreading the moment it will flicker out.

But I decided to use this unexpected blessing to share my favorite fall drink recipe!! It’s not much of a recipe, per se, but it’s always a big hit and I thought it’s worth sharing. Last weekend I had some friends over for food and drinks and as you’ll see below, we ran out of almost all the whiskey making more and more batches of my cider! So what you’ll need to make this drink will be:

ImageYour favorite brand of apple cider, bourbon or whiskey, ginger ale, and some cinnamon sticks for flavor and decoration.

It’s extremely simple, all you do is pour your desired amount into the pot to heat up and add a cinnamon stick:

Image(my pot was too small so I broke the cinnamon stick in half) You’ll want to boil the apple cider until it’s bubbly and starting to look like this. If you bring it to a rolling boil it’ll be too hot to drink.


Get your whiskey ready, since I’m only making one serving I don’t want to get too crazy.

ImageAdd the shot to your cider, and finally:

ImageTop it off with your favorite brand of ginger ale!

This drink is perfect for fall, warm, apple flavored, and basically impossible to get wrong! It’s so simple to make and such a great flavor once it’s ready! We went through two gallons of apple cider last weekend. Let me know what you think if you try it or if you have any similar recipes! What are your favorite fall recipes and drinks?

I hope everyone is staying dry on the East Coast!

Unexpected Three Day Weekend

So apparently there’s a storm coming. Sandy is making her way North and the Federal Government is closed tomorrow, therefore I do not have to work! Hooray! I’m torn between hoping we’re closed Tuesday as well, but also knowing that the workload we’ll return to will be out of this world… So it’s almost not worth it.

Either way, an unexpected 3 day weekend and an expected power outage somewhere in the next 24 hours will hopefully mean I’ll do a full post tomorrow! I recently purchased a Nikon P510 which is blowin’ up all the stores right now with sales. I just need to learn to unlock it’s potential (or mine) and then the posts should start streaming in.

For now, East Coast friends, stay dry and safe and don’t drink too much. Midwest/West Coast friends- you better come help us rebuild after this massacre.

Here are the cats!

Today At Work

I met a baby with a passport. He is 5 months old and heading to Italy. I didn’t know babies could get passports and I don’t see how useful it is since it’ll only look like him for a few more months… But he was adorable and had so much hair, I hope he and his family enjoy Italia. 

Let Me Be Polite

And introduce myself! My name is Lisa and I live outside Washington DC. It’s an election year, so you can imagine how wonderful it is! I’ll outline what you need to know about me in a detailed list.

1. In one exactly one month I will be celebrating my 23rd birthday with my dad in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. This tells you 3 things about me: I love Harry Potter, I actually like getting older, and I spend a lot of time with my dad.

2. A year ago I was studying abroad in Malaga, Spain for my last semester of college. Two months after graduating I got a job working in DC. Eight months into this job and I just received a 3 band promotion and still reminisce about Europe, frequently. I have no plans of moving out of my parent’s house until I can afford to buy a home. Especially since we’ve all proclaimed how much we enjoy living together. I promise I have basically no life.

3. I have genuinely terrible skin and a tendency to ramble.

4. My regular commute to work takes about an hour and a half, I ride a commuter bus and sleep most of the way, but music is a big deal. I’m one of those people who says I enjoy all kinds of music, but I’m also one of those very few people who means it. Banjo music? Classical? Britney Spears and Beyonce? Weezer? Come at me bro.

5. I have two cats. I am obsessed with them and neither one is particularly interested in me. Tigger is technically a family cat, at 16 years old. Minnie, however, is specifically my cat. Named for Minerva McGonagall because Harry Potter is life, she is 5 months and loves my parents significantly more than she esteems me. Even if I pay for her food and feed her everyday.

6. My father is a pastor and I am a Christian. I hesitate to say this because I generally dislike religious people. It’s been extremely interesting going through life as a pastor’s daughter and not necessarily easy. I was born in Staten Island, New York, when I was 7 we moved to Maple Grove, MN, and then after my first semester of college at 18 we moved to Maryland. Religion is easier now because I go to a church full of normal people without holy roller complexes and very few people are trying to be better than everyone else. That being said, I don’t have any hatred for what other people want to be, nor do I have the authority to tell them they’re wrong.

7. When I was 18 and failed out of my first semester of college due to laziness and lack of a future, I decided that when we arrived in Maryland I would get my Pastry and Baking certificate instead of my original plan to study Marketing. I was 3 months away and changed my mind… Enter a long list of schools I attended and cut to last December when I graduated with a BS in International Business.  Now that I’m almost a year into the working world and on the brink of turning my job into a career I’m looking back and wishing I had gone to Pastry school. Thus, I begin this blog with the hopes that I can document my food-making (as well as a myriad of other hobbies) and use this site to contemplate what the next step in my life will be!

I hope I’ve been interesting and you enjoyed! But I’m trying to be realistic too. This is Minnie and me, she is obviously loving every second with me.

First Post!

Might as well get it over with and not bother trying to impress right away since that never goes well. I stayed home sick from work today and this is the product of my sick day, this and a costly shopping spree at Macy’s involving the loss of nearly $200 and the gain of only 4 products and a few samples. I have no excuses, I have a spending problem.