Let Me Be Polite

And introduce myself! My name is Lisa and I live outside Washington DC. It’s an election year, so you can imagine how wonderful it is! I’ll outline what you need to know about me in a detailed list.

1. In one exactly one month I will be celebrating my 23rd birthday with my dad in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. This tells you 3 things about me: I love Harry Potter, I actually like getting older, and I spend a lot of time with my dad.

2. A year ago I was studying abroad in Malaga, Spain for my last semester of college. Two months after graduating I got a job working in DC. Eight months into this job and I just received a 3 band promotion and still reminisce about Europe, frequently. I have no plans of moving out of my parent’s house until I can afford to buy a home. Especially since we’ve all proclaimed how much we enjoy living together. I promise I have basically no life.

3. I have genuinely terrible skin and a tendency to ramble.

4. My regular commute to work takes about an hour and a half, I ride a commuter bus and sleep most of the way, but music is a big deal. I’m one of those people who says I enjoy all kinds of music, but I’m also one of those very few people who means it. Banjo music? Classical? Britney Spears and Beyonce? Weezer? Come at me bro.

5. I have two cats. I am obsessed with them and neither one is particularly interested in me. Tigger is technically a family cat, at 16 years old. Minnie, however, is specifically my cat. Named for Minerva McGonagall because Harry Potter is life, she is 5 months and loves my parents significantly more than she esteems me. Even if I pay for her food and feed her everyday.

6. My father is a pastor and I am a Christian. I hesitate to say this because I generally dislike religious people. It’s been extremely interesting going through life as a pastor’s daughter and not necessarily easy. I was born in Staten Island, New York, when I was 7 we moved to Maple Grove, MN, and then after my first semester of college at 18 we moved to Maryland. Religion is easier now because I go to a church full of normal people without holy roller complexes and very few people are trying to be better than everyone else. That being said, I don’t have any hatred for what other people want to be, nor do I have the authority to tell them they’re wrong.

7. When I was 18 and failed out of my first semester of college due to laziness and lack of a future, I decided that when we arrived in Maryland I would get my Pastry and Baking certificate instead of my original plan to study Marketing. I was 3 months away and changed my mind… Enter a long list of schools I attended and cut to last December when I graduated with a BS in International Business.  Now that I’m almost a year into the working world and on the brink of turning my job into a career I’m looking back and wishing I had gone to Pastry school. Thus, I begin this blog with the hopes that I can document my food-making (as well as a myriad of other hobbies) and use this site to contemplate what the next step in my life will be!

I hope I’ve been interesting and you enjoyed! But I’m trying to be realistic too. This is Minnie and me, she is obviously loving every second with me.


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