Unexpected Three Day Weekend

So apparently there’s a storm coming. Sandy is making her way North and the Federal Government is closed tomorrow, therefore I do not have to work! Hooray! I’m torn between hoping we’re closed Tuesday as well, but also knowing that the workload we’ll return to will be out of this world… So it’s almost not worth it.

Either way, an unexpected 3 day weekend and an expected power outage somewhere in the next 24 hours will hopefully mean I’ll do a full post tomorrow! I recently purchased a Nikon P510 which is blowin’ up all the stores right now with sales. I just need to learn to unlock it’s potential (or mine) and then the posts should start streaming in.

For now, East Coast friends, stay dry and safe and don’t drink too much. Midwest/West Coast friends- you better come help us rebuild after this massacre.

Here are the cats!


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