The Show Me State

Forgive my lack of punctuation in the title, its early in the morning. Last night after a gruesome day at work I got on a plane to visit my some of my very good friends I made in Spain!! We’ve had this trip planned since July and it’s so exciting to have it finally come to fruition. I got off the plane last night and they met me with funny face glasses and a huge poster with my name. After a really long day it was such a wonderful finish.

I just want to take a moment to talk about travelling though. I have done a fair bit of stints at the airport alone and I know this is a point of stress for a lot of people. I’m a very independent person (or selfish as HIMYM would say) so I’ve gotten very good at finding my way around airports and passing time waiting at the gate. The trick to surviving the airport alone is first to brush up on your reading skills and know the limitations of your eye sight. Everything is pretty clearly marked and the signage isn’t hard to read or understand, so go into it ready to look for road signs and pack the appropriate eyewear if you can’t see what’s coming from down the hallway. I would hate for you to be those people
standing in the middle of the hallway with no clue what they’re doing. Second, when you arrive at your gate do a loop around first to scope out the other passengers. If you see a cute boy, start hoping you don’t sit next to him so he doesn’t witness your plane-sleeping-nightmare. But it is good to find someone who looks reliable and not like a serial killer. I find that families, while often carrying noisy children, are much more bearable at the gate. This step is ESSENTIAL because if you’re saving yourself a pretty penny and carrying on your luggage if you don’t make friends at the airport you’re carrying everything everywhere the whole time. The coat that it’s way too warm to wear indoors? It could be left on the seat while that very nice family mildly monitors it from the dangers of coat thieves (who DO exist, but that’s a story for another tim e). Third, always bring something to do. ALWAYS. I have problems during winter especially with heat. I like to sleep on planes and usually it works out, but when the heat is on because its winter and it’s so damn hot in the cabin… a magazine would have been nice.

Finally, this tip gets it’s own paragraph because its essential. Noise cancelling headphones. I can’t emphasize this enough. That really nice family before who watched your coat? But also had a screaming two year old who’s apparently afraid to be on airplanes? Noise cancelling headphones. That couple who are very talkative and don’t realize they are sitting right next to each other? Noise cancelling headphones. Truly, do yourself a favor, even if you don’t fly often and feel foolish wearing them in public, you will get your moneys worth no matter what. Plus Coldplay Mylo Xoto sounds stellar with more sophisticated headphones, let’s be real.

That is my advice for today. I’ll be in Missouri until next Tuesday Nd hopefully I’ll have some video posts from my time here. Possibly?


I’m so behind!!

I wanted to be so bloggy for Christmas because I’ve been spreading out all my tasks to post about! But, alas, I’ve been so busy with other non-Christmas related things it hasn’t worked out. I’m going to give a quick outline of my build up to Christmas!!

DSCN0204 Last weekend I wrapped presents and had some merry old Christmas snacks to sustain me during the difficult task of wrapping oddly shaped gifts.

DSCN0223This is the finished products of my gifts (the blue paper) and my father’s gifts (green paper), which I am always in charge of wrapping.

DSCN0242We brought home something nice from Ikea.

DSCN0245 Baking preparation for the Christmas open house my family had.

DSCN0221 Probably the cutest postcard I’ve ever received from my beautiful friend Natalie! WHO I will be celebrating New Years with in Missouri in a few short days!! 🙂

DSCN0263 This morning I made the Pioneer Woman’s recipe for pull-apart bread. It was pretty tasty! I did things a little differently though… For my batch I used half a cup of brown sugar and a cup of granulated instead of 1.5 cups of just granulated. In the icing I used 2 cups of powdered sugar instead of 3 and it tasted just as delicious!! It did have to bake for an additional 20 minutes from what the recipe said, but it was still worth it!

There’s more to come later, but this is just a post of all the things I’ve been meaning to talk about! It’s obviously Christmas Eve so my sister and brother-in-law are here today so we are having our traditional Christmas celebrations and there may even be a video coming soon! Maybe?

Secret Santa


Tomorrow is my mandatory work secret Santa. I think I did pretty well for my gift. I hardly ever have giving anxiety, more often I have receiving anxiety. My biggest fear? Receiving jewelry. My whole office knows that I enjoy the fashion and jewelry is cheap and easily purchased. Its just that I have such particular taste and so little luck with jewelry gifts I had no input on. It’s so silly to worry about something like this… but I got a thoughtful gift, is it so bad to wish it for myself too?

The Kids (and how important it is to be wanted)

I asked my dad what I should write about, and this was his suggestion. It fits in with what I’ve been meaning to talk about, so I’m going with it. 

When we moved to Maryland from Minnesota I was 18, I had graduated from high school and I wasn’t going to college at the time. There wasn’t really a way for me to meet people in my area since I didn’t go to school and I didn’t drive at the time. After a few months I started working for the Children’s Center at my church. There are 2 pre-school classes and then before and after-care for elementary school aged kids. I worked there for a year and a half until I went off to “sleep away school” as everyone called it. 

For the next 4 summers I worked between semesters away at school. And of course, like any job, I got sick of it. It gets old dealing with the same kindergarten problems and you can loose your mind repeating yourself to an audience that doesn’t listen. But every summer I came back excited to be with most of my staff and to be with my kids again. I had about 24 school aged kids over the summer. We played outside, we had snack, we walked to and swam in the pool, we did crafts, watched movies, I read to them, taught them very simple Spanish, etc.

I am not happy at my current job, it’s just a fact. The fact is that your job isn’t necessarily what’s supposed to make you happy in life, but it’s been slowly wearing on me more and more that this is not the place for me for my own sake. In my job I am not valued for the things I can do, but rather assessed on the categories I don’t fall into. My plan of attack for now is to continue to work hard and hope it just pays off in some way. My other plan is to work hard at staying positive while I figure out what to do.

Tonight was the center’s Christmas program which I had the pleasure to attend for the first time since I directed it my first year working there. Every other year I’ve been away at school or out of the country. When I walked back into the classroom before the show to see my old coworkers every kid jumped in their chair with excitement to see me. All my coworkers hugged and kissed me and were happy to see me, and I was happy to see them. I still remember almost every child’s name and got so many warm greetings and it made me realize something. Firstly, I have been extremely blessed to actually be a part of a team where I was valued for who I was and what I could do, not all the things I wasn’t. I received my current job somewhat easily so it’s been easy to take for granted how hard it is to get a job and to appreciate having it. At this point it’s important for me to look back and remember that it’s not completely unachievable to be a part of a team where you fit in and your efforts are acknowledged. Secondly, this is literally only the case with my current job. I’ve never experienced this type of reaction to my work ethic and personal relationships in my life. I’ve hated the past few months, but I’ve had to grow up as a person and realize who I know myself to be, which is good. With those two fact put together, moving on shouldn’t be very hard past figuring out where I’d like to go and actually getting the job.

I didn’t mean to be very serious about everything, but it sort of brings me full circle to talking about this blog. I’ve only just started, but following beauty and foodie blogs and vlogs over the past few months has been a really great distraction from real life problems. From the beginning I’ve been hesitant about this since I don’t have very much focus. I like to do a lot of things, but I’m not especially good at any of them- jack of all trades, master of none. Cooking, baking, clothes, and beauty are all my favorite hobbies, so I’m hoping to bring in all those elements here… Wish me luck!