The Show Me State

Forgive my lack of punctuation in the title, its early in the morning. Last night after a gruesome day at work I got on a plane to visit my some of my very good friends I made in Spain!! We’ve had this trip planned since July and it’s so exciting to have it finally come to fruition. I got off the plane last night and they met me with funny face glasses and a huge poster with my name. After a really long day it was such a wonderful finish.

I just want to take a moment to talk about travelling though. I have done a fair bit of stints at the airport alone and I know this is a point of stress for a lot of people. I’m a very independent person (or selfish as HIMYM would say) so I’ve gotten very good at finding my way around airports and passing time waiting at the gate. The trick to surviving the airport alone is first to brush up on your reading skills and know the limitations of your eye sight. Everything is pretty clearly marked and the signage isn’t hard to read or understand, so go into it ready to look for road signs and pack the appropriate eyewear if you can’t see what’s coming from down the hallway. I would hate for you to be those people
standing in the middle of the hallway with no clue what they’re doing. Second, when you arrive at your gate do a loop around first to scope out the other passengers. If you see a cute boy, start hoping you don’t sit next to him so he doesn’t witness your plane-sleeping-nightmare. But it is good to find someone who looks reliable and not like a serial killer. I find that families, while often carrying noisy children, are much more bearable at the gate. This step is ESSENTIAL because if you’re saving yourself a pretty penny and carrying on your luggage if you don’t make friends at the airport you’re carrying everything everywhere the whole time. The coat that it’s way too warm to wear indoors? It could be left on the seat while that very nice family mildly monitors it from the dangers of coat thieves (who DO exist, but that’s a story for another tim e). Third, always bring something to do. ALWAYS. I have problems during winter especially with heat. I like to sleep on planes and usually it works out, but when the heat is on because its winter and it’s so damn hot in the cabin… a magazine would have been nice.

Finally, this tip gets it’s own paragraph because its essential. Noise cancelling headphones. I can’t emphasize this enough. That really nice family before who watched your coat? But also had a screaming two year old who’s apparently afraid to be on airplanes? Noise cancelling headphones. That couple who are very talkative and don’t realize they are sitting right next to each other? Noise cancelling headphones. Truly, do yourself a favor, even if you don’t fly often and feel foolish wearing them in public, you will get your moneys worth no matter what. Plus Coldplay Mylo Xoto sounds stellar with more sophisticated headphones, let’s be real.

That is my advice for today. I’ll be in Missouri until next Tuesday Nd hopefully I’ll have some video posts from my time here. Possibly?

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