Carolina Herrera Travel Bags

Carolina Herrera Travel Bags

I got these beauties yesterday at Target. I obviously can’t be stopped when it comes to spending, but these were so adorable, and the prospect of travel and a circumstance to actually use them fueled the purchase.

The smallest one is elephants, the middle one is dogs (not my favorite), and the largest one has this weird pattern with women on it, I like it. I’m not a huge Carolina Herrera fan and for the most part I still think the Neiman Marcus products at Target are expensive, but sometimes you need to cap of a weekend of splurging with something somewhat functional.


Quick Recap of November

I’ve been gone for an entire month!! November was a roller coaster for me, most of the month was spent contemplating what to do about my job after receiving some bad news the very first week. It was rough- and time consuming. But some great stuff has happened since then! First of all, my family and I went to Disney World to celebrate Thanksgiving! My family of 5 adults spent a week being herded by the stroller maffia in the parks. It was maddening, but fun! On that trip I turned 23! (again, a group of only adults, I am the youngest hurrah!)  Anyway, it was a great birthday, I celebrated by going to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter with my Dad, great decision, small life-dream fulfilled. We had dinner at an Irish pub that was probably the most fun I’ve ever had out to dinner, they had dancers and musicians and it was altogether an awesome experience.

But now it’s Christmas! Last week was my work Christmas party which was a blast. I spent the day of home alone getting ready for the party and preparing the house for christmas! It’s my favorite time of year, the season of excitement actually started during November building up to Thanksgiving and then following through to Christmas, but here we are. I’ve currently got a really great sinus thing going on so I don’t have much of a voice which will be very exciting considering that I’m supposed to lead worship and sing in church tomorrow.

As a consolation for my sickness, and out of holiday duty, I went shopping tonight. It was supposed to be for Christmas gifts, which I DID buy! But I ended up purchasing some things for myself too!! First I stopped at the Lush store in the mall. I didn’t even know the mall had one, so it was exciting. Having heard about their products from a lot of reliable sources online, and finding a nice boy who had the same experience in the store to help me, I ended up purchasing two different products:

Cupcake which is a face mask for people with acne prone skin (re: me)

Big, a volumizing shampoo. I have rather long hair that isn’t necessarily full of body, the boy in the store said he sometimes even gets a little too much volume here, which I thought would translate into normal volume for flat, long girl hair.

Ulta reeled me in with one of their $5 coupons for being a points member. Those are always a great deal because I really think I’m doing myself a favor when in reality I could have just saved myself about $50 instead, BUT then I wouldn’t have this beautiful new palette!! I bought Tarte’s the Big Thrill palette, which I can’t find anywhere online, but it has 16 eye shadows, 4 blushes, and 3 lip glosses, I’m rather excited about it, all the colors are so beautiful and the packaging is cute!Image

Aside from that I only bought Christmas gifts tonight!! It should also be mentioned that for my birthday my wonderful sister and brother-in-law got me a set of brushes and another eye palette from Coastal Scents. It may not be the most high end stuff, but I’m so happy with it! As the season goes on I’ll be posting some recipes and holiday ideas? Probably. It’s all tentative, I do promise not to be absent for a month at a time again.