I Must Apologize

For my lack of posting this week. My life has been somewhat hectic this week, you see, Minnie got fixed this weekend. I didn’t want to post about this because I don’t want to make a statement on how I think all cats are supposed domesticated… But in our house the cats are fixed and the front claws are removed. We save a lot on reupholstering furniture and only endure a week of heartache. I’m not going any deeper into the topic though.

So Minnie went to the vet last Thursday which was a catastrophe. It snowed about 2 inches and Maryland goes into crisis mode anytime there is weather, PLUS they “lost” our appointment. So I took the entire day off from work assuming she’d be out by the afternoon and I could love on her for a while. Not the case. The actual story makes my heart hurt so I will skip to the rest of the weekend. Friday was an easy day at work and my sister came over in the afternoon so she did the babysitting until I got home. We had grilled cheese and tomato soup for dinner, and watched Brave (again!). 

The next morning we did kitten cuddling and then we went shopping!! I spent oodles and oodles of money, if you want to see it all I did another haul video, because that’s all I feel confident doing so far. But I got a lot of great stuff! We then met my parents for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory to celebrate both of their birthdays. When we came home we watched Pitch Perfect which was fantastic and hilarious. I probably need to own it. 

Sunday we hung out, went to church, hung out more, and went to Marshall’s where I bought another pair of shoes…. They’re adorable though! I will post them somewhere someday. Alas, but now it’s another work week. Today was fortunately very quick and easy and I was home by 5:30 which is a happy thing indeed. I was going to post my favorites tonight, but I think I’ll get to it tomorrow because I start a new responsibility tonight and have a meeting! Very exciting! Sort of.


Four Favorites

1. I recently saw Brave for the first time and I loved it. No Disney shame. It takes place in Scotland, has a lot of voices of actors I love, the music is great, and it’s funny!


2. My men’s slippers from Target. I had a hard time finding slippers I really liked before Christmas; I tried the boots, the clogs, the flats-style… nothing. These are warm, comfy, they stay on my feet, they were cheap, and, unlike girl styles, they go with everything.

3. Thrift Shop by Mackelmore. I went to visit my friend Abby in Pittsburgh this weekend! And she and her room mates threw a thrift shop themed party! I ended up being asleep for a lot of it, but the bits I was conscious for were great! And the song is awesome.

4. Churros con chocolate. I miss these immensely.


Having the Blues

Having the Blues

Forgive the selfie, I’m horrible at remembering to ask people to photograph me at better times of the day. I decided to dress down my new express skirt with my nude pumps, the button up is from H&M, tshirt from Target, and the necklace is BCBG. My friend Eliza gave me the best compliment and said I looked “very J Crew” today, and I’m taking it!

I finished my file cabinet!!

Pretty self-explanatory, but I’ll walk you through it. It deserves to be said, that it took me two attempts. The first time, part of the spray can was missing so it went on runny and awful and I had to wipe it all off! So if you ever do a project like this, make sure you have to means the correct any errors. For this project I used Goof Off Stain Remover and it worked famously.

So other than the remover you’ll need:Image

Then you’ll need a file cabinet and work space:


Another essential ingredient is having a handy father to help set up your work area and have all the stuff you forgot to get. And a helpful cat.

You’ll need to cover up the sections where you’ll be doing any fancy designs.Image

Then you paint!Image

Once you have your desired color, tape off the bits you want with painters tape.Image

It’s important to make sure you firmly apply the painters tape or you’ll have some blotchy lines like I got…


But I’m still happy with it! I’ll show  you the entirely finished product in my room soon!!