Sweet, Sweet Saturday!

I love the weekend! Lately my life has been so busy and hectic and overwhelming I made plans to not make any plans this weekend. In truth, I am a counterintuitive mess; I love to travel and do loads of new things, but I also have a constant hunger to be in my bed. These two aspects of my personality are constantly battling inside me. I would say that the majority of my non-working hours are spent in my bed, but when a good opportunity presents itself, I like to venture out to new places and things and people.

I need to not complain about work, but it’s not a complaint to say that this week was extremely long and harrowing. Last night, for the first time since before Thanksgiving, my coworkers and I went out for happy hour, and it was wonderful. A large group of us went out and a few of my girlfriends and I split bottles of champagne, which is my favorite happy hour decision ever. Later we left the city and ventured into DC to a bar in Clarendon. Two of my friends and I planned to leave the bar early and go hang out at another coworkers apartment, but in the end it didn’t pan out. Since we had already lost our spot at the bar we decided to go sit down and eat dinner and have a few beers. It ended up being pretty chill and it was exactly what I needed. Poor Kevin and poor Dad- on our walk back to the metro Kevin and I ended up having a very weird, deep conversation which I’m sure he wasn’t interested in getting into. And I have a great dad who comes to pick me up from the metro at midnight after happy hour.

After taking Minnie to the vet this morning for blood work, I’ve set the rest of this weekend aside for crafts and happy nothingness. Tomorrow I have to lead worship and after that the rest of the day will be spent either editing videos and watching tv or reading and other relaxing things of the same sort. I HAVE already had a big success this weekend! I bought my filing cabinet and after some failed attempts I got it painted and designed today. All my fears came true and I did a horrible job this first time, but again, I have a great Dad with the answer to all my DIY problems, surprisingly. I’ll probably post about it in the coming day, I just need to add the final touches and get the drawer handles on. Once it’s all together it’ll be up for viewing! I hope everyone is having a wonderful relaxing weekend like I am! Or a lively, intrigue-filled weekend if that’s what you were hoping for?


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