I finished my file cabinet!!

Pretty self-explanatory, but I’ll walk you through it. It deserves to be said, that it took me two attempts. The first time, part of the spray can was missing so it went on runny and awful and I had to wipe it all off! So if you ever do a project like this, make sure you have to means the correct any errors. For this project I used Goof Off Stain Remover and it worked famously.

So other than the remover you’ll need:Image

Then you’ll need a file cabinet and work space:


Another essential ingredient is having a handy father to help set up your work area and have all the stuff you forgot to get. And a helpful cat.

You’ll need to cover up the sections where you’ll be doing any fancy designs.Image

Then you paint!Image

Once you have your desired color, tape off the bits you want with painters tape.Image

It’s important to make sure you firmly apply the painters tape or you’ll have some blotchy lines like I got…


But I’m still happy with it! I’ll show  you the entirely finished product in my room soon!!



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