Four Favorites

1. I recently saw Brave for the first time and I loved it. No Disney shame. It takes place in Scotland, has a lot of voices of actors I love, the music is great, and it’s funny!


2. My men’s slippers from Target. I had a hard time finding slippers I really liked before Christmas; I tried the boots, the clogs, the flats-style… nothing. These are warm, comfy, they stay on my feet, they were cheap, and, unlike girl styles, they go with everything.

3. Thrift Shop by Mackelmore. I went to visit my friend Abby in Pittsburgh this weekend! And she and her room mates threw a thrift shop themed party! I ended up being asleep for a lot of it, but the bits I was conscious for were great! And the song is awesome.

4. Churros con chocolate. I miss these immensely.



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