First Four Favorites!

Ahoy there! I’m starting a new series of my Four Weekly Favorites. Essentially, I’m hoping that once a week I’ll post 4 things that are tickling my fancy, making me laugh, curing bad days and such in hopes that you’ll get the same enjoyment from them. I’ve noticed lately I’ve been inclined to spell things in the British fashion; for example “Four Weekly Favourites!” Maybe it’s too much youtube… Speaking of which!! I have decided to brave it and start a youtube channel. This is a bold move and I’m not very good at it yet, but I have to start somewhere. It was really fun to film, even if I look like I’m in pain at times. But here it is, if you dare watch it.

1. I want to start with a bang (insert realization laughter in a moment). I love Jimmy Fallon, he is hilarious and willing to make a fool of himself and have fun with his guest. This video is no exception. I hated this song in the 6th grade when it came out, but I can barely remember the pain it used to bring to my ears when I watch this performance.

2. Hot chocolate! I’ve been craving warm drinks afterwork recently, which is very unlike me. I always get home too late for coffee, but we have the Land ‘o Lakes flavored hot cocoas and the Arctic White has been my favorite this year!


3. This, because of relevance.

4. Justin Timberlake’s new single. I have always had a somewhat secret love of JT, beginning with NSYCN and never letting go I guess. Although, I was always more of a BSB girl, I still liked JT’s music. It’s been almost 6 years since his last album, and this upcoming album seems like it’ll be a winner if “Suit and Tie” is any indicator. And honestly, add Jay-Z to anything and it’ll probably work.

I hope everyone is off to a lovely week! This week I’m hoping to get my next video up on youtube and you can expect the dreaded filing cabinet post. It didn’t turn out how expected, but then again, when you go in with no expectations, you’re destined to get that outcome. I’m afraid to actually bring it into my room for fear that it’ll clash terribly… Don’t worry, I’ll document the whole thing.


Sweet, Sweet Saturday!

I love the weekend! Lately my life has been so busy and hectic and overwhelming I made plans to not make any plans this weekend. In truth, I am a counterintuitive mess; I love to travel and do loads of new things, but I also have a constant hunger to be in my bed. These two aspects of my personality are constantly battling inside me. I would say that the majority of my non-working hours are spent in my bed, but when a good opportunity presents itself, I like to venture out to new places and things and people.

I need to not complain about work, but it’s not a complaint to say that this week was extremely long and harrowing. Last night, for the first time since before Thanksgiving, my coworkers and I went out for happy hour, and it was wonderful. A large group of us went out and a few of my girlfriends and I split bottles of champagne, which is my favorite happy hour decision ever. Later we left the city and ventured into DC to a bar in Clarendon. Two of my friends and I planned to leave the bar early and go hang out at another coworkers apartment, but in the end it didn’t pan out. Since we had already lost our spot at the bar we decided to go sit down and eat dinner and have a few beers. It ended up being pretty chill and it was exactly what I needed. Poor Kevin and poor Dad- on our walk back to the metro Kevin and I ended up having a very weird, deep conversation which I’m sure he wasn’t interested in getting into. And I have a great dad who comes to pick me up from the metro at midnight after happy hour.

After taking Minnie to the vet this morning for blood work, I’ve set the rest of this weekend aside for crafts and happy nothingness. Tomorrow I have to lead worship and after that the rest of the day will be spent either editing videos and watching tv or reading and other relaxing things of the same sort. I HAVE already had a big success this weekend! I bought my filing cabinet and after some failed attempts I got it painted and designed today. All my fears came true and I did a horrible job this first time, but again, I have a great Dad with the answer to all my DIY problems, surprisingly. I’ll probably post about it in the coming day, I just need to add the final touches and get the drawer handles on. Once it’s all together it’ll be up for viewing! I hope everyone is having a wonderful relaxing weekend like I am! Or a lively, intrigue-filled weekend if that’s what you were hoping for?

Winter Whites


Not my greatest attempt, but this is my take on the whole winter whites trend from work last Friday. In hindsight my huge bun didn’t match the motif, oh well! My ballerina skirt is from Spain, the sweater is from Gap, blouse from Banana Republic, and flats from Old Navy.

January Crafts

It’s 2013! I had a really great trip visiting friends and ringing in the new year. It was great to have some time to lay around and relax with friends, and we had some little adventures thrown in. We DID take some videos, but I’m not great at the editing bit, so it’s a toss up as to whether or not I’ll post them. I got home Tuesday and went back to work on Wednesday, it was a hellish week, but it’s over and hopefully next week things could be better?

I haven’t made any specific resolutions for 2013 yet, but for now I think I’m going to have a few big life decisions and changes to make, so I’m not very worried about making resolutions. I will give you some of the things I want to do more of or just do this year. First, I want to read more, so many books on my shelves and so little time to finish and add more. Second, my friend is spending three months in Peru and it is my absolute dream to hike Machu Picchu, I’m going to start training and hopefully kill two birds with one stone- run a 10k with my dad the first weekend of March and then hike Machu Picchu a few weeks later. Finally, I want to get better at my hobbies and do them more often.

So on my crafts list for January I first want to get a lot of use out of my christmas present… which was a knitting book with probably zillions of knitting patterns. Obviously my parents recognize my descent into spinsterhood with cats and knitting and the fully support it. This isn’t really a craft, but I plan to clean some of my stuff out and clean a little so I can make more room for crafts. Last, I think it’s time to make another decoration for my room and I think I’m going to embellish my bulletin board somehow and redecorate it. I’ll try to document all of the crafts and DIY projects. I hope everyone had a wonderful new year and it’s off to a good start!