Favorites of the Week!

1. A friend at work brought this book for another coworker to read today. The coworker she brought it for graciously said she isn’t finished with the series she’s on now and handed it off to me to my delight. I HATED this movie which totally turned me off to reading this book, but after spending my entire evening enthralled in this story (literally, I ate peanut butter and crackers, sat on my couch and read, and drank a glass of wine before I got ready for bed, all while reading- and let’s face it, don’t listen to those crazy people a night spent at home with a good book and delicious wine trumps all other plans) I can’t put it down. I’m about 100 pages away from finishing Something Borrowed and hopefully by tomorrow I’ll be able to hand it back to my coworker to read this weekend. If you’re like me and didn’t enjoy the movie, read the book it’s so SO much better. If you enjoyed the movie, READ A BOOK!

2. Staying on the book trend, I love a good Scotsman, and the fact that he starts the preface or first chapter? of this book talking about my great uncle, Bobby Thompson and the Shot Heard Round the World wasn’t a bad touch. Craig Ferguson’s American by Choice is not only funny, but very intelligent and uplifting actually. Sometimes I hate being American because everyone hates us in return. I love reading an immigrants account of why he made the conscious decision to become a part of our nation and culture. And it’s funny, so I laugh out loud on my bus rides.

3. Everyone will SLAY me for this, but my family is one of my favorites this week. Lame I know. Unrelatable, probably. It was both my parent’s birthday recently, my sister came and visited last weekend, and my brother-in-law is a vigilant carer for my cat and loves updates which I have especially appreciated as we’ve been in recovery. They’ll mostly slay me for the very flattering picture to follow:Image

4. The Backstreet Boys. I was probably in 4th or 5th grade when their rise to popularity began, but it doesn’t make them any less relevant to me. Their self-title album was the first physical compact disc I ever owned. Period. After all these years of developing more refined taste in music I still come back and can’t help but enjoy their music. I particularly enjoy them on really bad days at work, they give me a little pep because it’s a little out of this world to be singing “I’ll Never Break Your Heart” while dealing with all the new babies we need to train at my job.

My sister will grant herself credit for mostly everything in this week’s list, and why not, she has her hand in basically each of these. I’m sorry if this isn’t a very inspired week, it is, after all, 11:21 pm and I should have been sleeping for about an hour now… Damn you, Emily Giffin!


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