First Favorites of February!

1. My first favorite this week is a short film released by Disney last November. It will 6 very cute minutes of your life. And the music is fantastic.

2. I suppose that some people will think this thoughtcatalog post is very sad. For me it was so freeing. As someone who prefers to have a lot of alone time, it felt good to have it explained from an outside point of view. Just read it.

3. This favorite is somewhat twofold.I’m feeling particularly hateful towards Taylor Swift lately, so to me this is great! The other great thing about this favorite is that this is a link to my tumblr which, forgive my narcissism, I love. I just went through my archives to find this again and I was overwhelmed with the happiness of seeing so many pretty and funny things at once.

4. Butterfingers are my favorite candy. But not normal Butterfingers, only the seasonal, odd-shaped Butterfingers are my favorite. I once went on a very long rant about how holiday oreos are the best kind of oreos and their season runs from September to December. Well, I feel the same way about holiday Butterfingers, but their season is so much longer from November to Easter! The best.

5. This week, I am having an honorary 5th favorite. And it’s called Beyonce at the superbowl. Beyonce all the time really. Here’s an example.


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