1. I’m currently located at the top of the mountains in the Shennendoah Valley at Wintergreen Resort and it’s easily one of my new favorite places. We have family friends with a home here who graciously invited us up for the long weekend, and it’s been a wonderful relaxing time. Not to mention we’re getting piled on with snow right now which is gorgeous!

2. It was our task to bring desserts for this trip and I decided it was time to try out a recipe to make my own Sheila’s Dream Bars. These are one of my favorite treats and every time I go to Potbelly’s I have to get one. I made an attempt at this a week ago and I can’t find the recipe I used the first time, so I made this recipe. As an adjustment, the first recipe called for a layer of caramel before putting the oats on, I just used ice cream sauce. Then I did 1.5 of everything to make the bars fit a 13×9 pan. They need to bake a little longer this way…. But they’re still tasty!

3. I have been all about Rufus Wainwright lately and the entire album “Poses” is all I want to listen to.

4. This may be a bit polarizing, but Mark and Grace Driscoll’s book Real Marriage is really good. I bought it on a whim after breezing through the faith and Christianity section in Barnes and Noble and I’m about 100 pages in. I am obviously not married and VERY single, but this book has a lot of wisdom, even if you are not religious.Image


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