Past Due Favorites!!

1. “I Feel It All” by the fabulous Leslie Feist. I saw her live at Bonnaroo last year and it was one of the more magical experiences in my life. She is just amazing and this song was one of my favorite moments of Bonnaroo. PLUS this just makes me think of summer time and that spring is coming and it gives me hope!!

2. Wet Hot American Summer. This movie is just hilarious and last night I was having an epic crisis, my computer caught a stupid virus and it was overwhelming so I watched this on tv, calmed down, collected myself, and fixed my computer. But it’s hilarious and if you ever went to any kind of summer camp you can totally laugh and empathize.

3. Google. This is kind of a given right? I think we take Google for granted since we use it for everything, but I was TOTALLY convinced I was going to have to buy a new computer last night and it was unfixable. I just got on my mom’s computer and Googled the virus I had and it was so easy to fix! I mean, let’s take a minute to remember what a lifesaver Google is.

4. Easter candy!! Easter is coming 🙂 Being religious, this won’t matter to other people, but I really enjoy the season of Lent. I gave up cuss words and a few other things this year which has been really hard, but we are doing Lenten suppers at my church this year and it is just my social speed. I get to see all my old ladies and help out and for the second year I’m planning our Easter breakfast after Sunrise Service. Anyway, Christmas is far and away my favorite holiday, but the candy at Easter time is the best. No holiday beats it or provokes fonder childhood memories; Cadbury Eggs, Peeps, chocolate bunnies, dying eggs (not candy, but you get the sentiment), all the jelly beans… I digress. There’s about five more weeks of candy-induced comas coming, so live it up until Halloween!


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