1. I’m currently located at the top of the mountains in the Shennendoah Valley at Wintergreen Resort and it’s easily one of my new favorite places. We have family friends with a home here who graciously invited us up for the long weekend, and it’s been a wonderful relaxing time. Not to mention we’re getting piled on with snow right now which is gorgeous!

2. It was our task to bring desserts for this trip and I decided it was time to try out a recipe to make my own Sheila’s Dream Bars. These are one of my favorite treats and every time I go to Potbelly’s I have to get one. I made an attempt at this a week ago and I can’t find the recipe I used the first time, so I made this recipe. As an adjustment, the first recipe called for a layer of caramel before putting the oats on, I just used ice cream sauce. Then I did 1.5 of everything to make the bars fit a 13×9 pan. They need to bake a little longer this way…. But they’re still tasty!

3. I have been all about Rufus Wainwright lately and the entire album “Poses” is all I want to listen to.

4. This may be a bit polarizing, but Mark and Grace Driscoll’s book Real Marriage is really good. I bought it on a whim after breezing through the faith and Christianity section in Barnes and Noble and I’m about 100 pages in. I am obviously not married and VERY single, but this book has a lot of wisdom, even if you are not religious.Image



My hair looks crazy awesome today. I’ll try to get someone to take a picture to post.

Zoo Weekend and a Birthday!

Life has been a little mundane lately, so obviously I haven’t had many posts. But this weekend was my friend Lauren’s birthday!! After work on Friday a big group of us decided to go out for happy hour to celebrate, which turned into drinks and dinner. There were 16 or 17 of us in total I think, and it was a LOT of fun, but ended the way all large parties like that do in restaurants- a slight catastrophe when the bill came. Eventually the bill was paid, but a few people felts slighted and some people spent much more than they should on their birthday. Ahem. A smaller group of us went to another bar afterward and had a good time, then around midnight we all felt old and drunk and decided to go home (I was sober!).

The next day, in an attempt to rectify the low points of Friday night, my friend Dominique and I decided to invade Lauren’s apartment and go to the DC Zoo!! We brought her a small picnic of meat, cheese, bread, cupcakes, and wine- essentially, all the best things in life. Image


After practically gorging ourselves, we finally left for the zoo. Dom is REALLY good at clicking her heals. I’m also really bad at capturing it on camera.Image

ImageIt’s a funny thing about the DC Zoo, in the winter they let the animals live inside and close the exhibit buildings at 4:30. So naturally we got there around 4:30. Even if we didn’t get to see the exhibits, it’s still a beautiful park and there were some animals to be seen… We had a goal of 4. Our first success was spotting a single sleeping red panda!ImageImage

They also had two horses! But I only got my picture with one.Image

We saw the saddest sea lion in the entire world… It was just laying on land moaning…


Then we saw some friendly wolves who I would like to take home:Image

This one was pacing back and forth a little too quickly for my camera- we call him Albus DumbledoreImage

Then we saw ducks in the beaver cage, we also saw a bald eagle, but it was too hard to get a picture of.Image

Afterward Lauren went to meet some friends for dinner and Dominique and I got Thai food which I’ve never had before! I really enjoyed it 🙂 Afterward we went to CVS to kill some time and spent a long time looking at make up and deliberating the best way to spend the least amount of money on buying whitening strips. In the end they didn’t have the deal we wanted… So we didn’t get anything.Image

I then took an extremely long metro ride home, but it was so worth it!Image

First Favorites of February!

1. My first favorite this week is a short film released by Disney last November. It will 6 very cute minutes of your life. And the music is fantastic.

2. I suppose that some people will think this thoughtcatalog post is very sad. For me it was so freeing. As someone who prefers to have a lot of alone time, it felt good to have it explained from an outside point of view. Just read it.

3. This favorite is somewhat twofold.I’m feeling particularly hateful towards Taylor Swift lately, so to me this is great! The other great thing about this favorite is that this is a link to my tumblr which, forgive my narcissism, I love. I just went through my archives to find this again and I was overwhelmed with the happiness of seeing so many pretty and funny things at once.

4. Butterfingers are my favorite candy. But not normal Butterfingers, only the seasonal, odd-shaped Butterfingers are my favorite. I once went on a very long rant about how holiday oreos are the best kind of oreos and their season runs from September to December. Well, I feel the same way about holiday Butterfingers, but their season is so much longer from November to Easter! The best.

5. This week, I am having an honorary 5th favorite. And it’s called Beyonce at the superbowl. Beyonce all the time really. Here’s an example.