Updated Post to Make Up For Lost Time

It’s been about a month since I made a substantial post, and I have to apologize again. There isn’t a very good reason for my absence besides being busy and having a hard time deciding what to do with my future. I should make it very clear that no action has been made and there isn’t even a plan to follow yet, but things are starting. I will also use the (very valid) excuse that I’ve been sick for the past week which has been a burden, but I’ll develop that further in a moment.

Coming up in the extremely near future:

-Easter! I am planning the Easter breakfast for my church for the second time this year, so tomorrow morning I will be up bright and early to make sure that everyone does what they promised and drops off all the food…. It’s more managing all the people who want to “help.” We’ll see how it goes!

-I am traveling to Peru this Wednesday to visit my friend Jess! Image

She has been interning in Peru for her final semester of school and we are going to travel to Cusco together and then climb Machu Picchu! Along with whatever other madness we can get into. I’m really worried about having trouble for some reason, so everyone cross your fingers for me.

– It’s also fair to mention that I’m excited because Spring is starting to show it’s face. I would really like the nice weather to come in so I can start wearing maxi dresses and more skirts and no tights and sitting outside and sandals and etc.

-Wine bar date with my friends from work and a possible trip to the shooting range. Any political views about guns aside, I’m excited about this possible visit to the range.


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