Before Peru

It’s been a bit of a tumultuous time lately. I did a whirlwind trip for 5ish days in Peru to visit my friend Jess and climb Machu Picchu. Before leaving I organized and executed the Easter breakfast for my church and got sick, fun stuff. Then, late at night after Easter, we got a phone call that my grandfather’s heart had stopped and they gave him the electric pulse and were able to bring him back on a breathing machine. My grandfather has had a DNR or “Do Not Resuscitate” for the longest time, so it was a bit of a shock that the doctors missed that (I’m sorry, I realize to most people this won’t seem like a time for puns, but in my world they should never be missed). My parents cancelled their travel plans and went to Staten Island to be with the rest of my family. I worked for the rest of the week until my turn to travel to Peru, which I will give full details about after this weekend. 

Nothing really developed for a week and my grandfather basically worsened. He had melanoma, along with a case of pneumonia, then he developed a case of gangrene. On Wednesday my Aunts and Uncles, along with my mother, decided to honor his wishes and take him off life support. He passed away at 2:24 Wednesday, April 10. In his 89 years he was married to my grandmother for 65, they had 7 children together, he served in the Marine Corps in WWII and the Korean War, once his time of service was over he then joined the NYFD until he retired. 

I should spare my mother in case she ever sees this, but I feel a deeper need to be honest. Carmine “Gabby” Nasta wasn’t my favorite person and we didn’t have a close relationship, but he was always kind to me and found his own way to take an interest in the things I did with my life. For his time of service in both the Marine Corps and the NYFD I have to give him my undying gratitude and respect. I will always be proud to be related to someone who has given so much of his life in service to others. 

Tomorrow morning my father and I will drive up to the Island to be with my mother and the rest of my extended family to give our last wishes and final farewells to Poppy. 


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