I’m Back!

If you scroll through my most recent posts you’ll see that most have included an apology of some degree for being gone, missing, MIA, and altogether non-posty. This one will be no exception! There is no real excuse for why I’ve been gone other than general life happening at a very uninteresting pace and my guilt for not posting which fuels me to avoid my blog on the whole. I have also mustered up the courage to admit that I watch much too much TV and spend a lot of time being frustrated about the current situations of my life. In the beginning this blog was supposed to be a diversion from all that… And I’ve failed. BUT, the difference is that I am now promising to be around more, make more posts, say some interesting stuff, you know, be there for you, comfort you…. Well, you get the point.

At this point I feel it’s crucial to mention that I already wrote the majority of this post and my browser (which shall remain unnamed (safari)) crapped out on me and I lost everything, EVERYTHING. So I’ve made the executive decision to move blog posting to Google Chrome and will hopefully keep it together and go into a tizz a little less often from losing stuff so often. Good point, well said, right Lisa?

SO, obviously I went to Peru and there will be a post (or two) coming up about that! I wasn’t in an amazing place upon the return from that trip which I outlined literally just below so I won’t link it. I’m excited to write these posts because I really miss it and it’s been a while so it will be nice to rehash the entire thing! Other than that, I don’t have very much to report from the last two months really. I’ve bought a lot of lovely new things which will show up soon and I’ve got some stuff coming up that will be blog-worthy. It’s all happening!


Wine class is still happening! And after last week’s lesson focused on Spanish wines (le sigh) I believe I may have placed my finger on my new favorite wine! While Priorat isn’t the most popular, it is VERY tasty! And makes me nostalgic. I highly recommend if you like dry red wines like myself (an old man at heart).


I have a problem with candles, I like them too much. This one was way too cute to be ignored at Marshall’s today! And it smells divine. The scent is Vanilla and Oak which I was drawn to because of my association between wine and oak! If you come across a cute candle with bikes on it, pick it up and smell it! I doubt you’ll put it back down.


The crew is still in effect, although we’ve had some close calls over the last month which have really stressed us ALL out, we’re all doing well.

ImageI decided to face facts and admit that my old bulletin board set up in my room wasn’t working out and looked atrocious. This isn’t looking too good right now either since those postcards just look awkward, but I’ll sit down and work it out soon. I went to Marshall’s LAST week too and found this really cute contact paper that I now have about 7′ of.

I’m going to start calling my shots in an attempt to keep myself true to my promise. SO-

COMING UP THIS WEEK: New Products I Love; Eczema, a Love Story.


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