1. My the Killer’s station on Pandora. I have a funny relationship with Pandora that goes a little bit like this: I have manipulated my stations so much that each one gets a constant playlist of only songs I’ve heard and liked a million times before. I believe the popular use for Pandora is the complete opposite of this, people want variety and new music. I disagree. Keep the Arctic Monkeys, the Fratellis, the Strokes, and all those other skinny-jeaned dudes coming!

2 AND 3. This is embarrassing. Game of Thrones. It’s actually not that embarrassing really, it’s basically a huge phenomenon right now. Even though we had a really hard time getting back together after last week… I really like this series. There has been a really big void left in my heart since Harry Potter is basically over, I started reading the books on my trip to Peru after a coworker highly recommended them and lent me the book for my trip. I finished the first book and bought myself a set, trading him my new copy since I desecrated his on my travels… But I definitely recommend the books and the show.

Image I’ll be missin’ you.

4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8hYN_LsJ3Rs I had to watch this so many times after last weeks episode of Game of Thrones. I love love LOVE Sprinkle of Glitter and her daughter is adorable and their whole little family unit is fun and very normal. It’s refreshing.


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