Give me an “F”

For Favorites!!

1. Jay-Z’s “Hundred Dollar Bill” from the Great Gatsby soundtrack. Notice how the Great Gatsby wasn’t a favorite because…. ehhh… But Jay-Z has a new album coming out July 4th that I’m really excited about, that’s more of a future favorite though.

2. Shaken Iced Tea Lemonade! This is basically my staple drink from Starbucks. Their coffee isn’t actually my favorite, but it’s hard to ruin tea and this drink is just so refreshing- especially for summer. Unfortunately, I don’t have gobs and gobs of money to just buy myself Starbucks all the time! Fortunately, I DO have my own recipe for how to make it at home. It’s very complicated- hot water, tea bags, lemonade powder or concentrate, and ice. Enjoy.

3. Coupling. I had to take a break from watching 30 Rock since I’ve watched the entire season over 5 times through. I watched all of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and now I’ve just noticed that Coupling is on Netflix! I’ve seen the show on BBC and at my old British friend’s house. The whole series is only 4 seasons, but it’s very funny. It’s basically a British Friends, but I like it a little more since it’s British and I’d like to go back pretty badly right now. 

4. The cafeteria where I work has the greatest croissants. They actually order them from another bakery and I keep forgetting to look it up and put in a lifelong order of croissants because they are my favorite food right now. I would eat them all day everyday if I knew it could be good for me.



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