Yummy Yummy: Oreo Truffles

This recipe is incredibly simple and pretty time consuming. BUT none of the steps are hard if you have the right equipment! I (with my amazing will power and follow-through) began this post a few weeks ago and never actually photographed the last step. You will see that it is a two hand operation and I had left these tasty treats in the freezer for so long that I needed to just get on with it even though I didn’t have a photographer available. It is le simple though.

Ready? Ok.


1 whole package of oreos
1 8 oz. package of cream cheese
1 bag of white chocolate
1 tsp of vanilla (if you are not lazy and remember it (unlike me))Image

List of Equipment:

Food processor
KitchenAid mixer
cookie sheets or a large flat surface to freeze them on
wax paper

My Oreos had One Direction on them! I want to make it very clear here that you could use off-brand everything and not have a food processor and a kitchenaid and still make delicious truffles. Perfect ingredients are not what make this dessert perfect.


First things first, you need to process all the Oreos in the food processor until they become a fine powder. Image

Don’t try to do too many at one time or you will have chunks left in the food processor that got mixed. You DO NOT want chunks in your truffles, unless you do? No, you don’t.


Next, I like to cut the cream cheese into chunks. This makes it easier to break it down and mix it in with the Oreo powder since you want them to cream together. Image

Add in the cream cheese and mix!



The next part is important if you care about the health and safety of the people you will be sharing these with:Image

Please wash your hands. After that you’re ready to roll the truffles into 1″ balls.

Image(I made a double batch, typically a normal batch would only take up one cookie sheet) Afterward you want to cover them in cling wrap or tin foil or what have you and freeze them for about half an hour!

The next step is the step I promptly left out and definitely the most tedious. Once your truffles are frozen pretty solid, you want to melt the white chocolate and coat the truffles in it. I myself prefer to double boil the white chocolate- put about half an inch of water in a frying pan and a glass measuring cup in that. I will share my exact method with you, but it’s pretty intense and I know other people have thought microwaving the white chocolate and coating the truffles has worked just fine. Not me! I like to complicate my baking so here goes:

– Keep the truffles in the freezer and prepare a plate with waxed paper on it.
– Double boil a small amount of your white chocolate, not putting the whole bag in at once. I’ve found it’s very easy to over cook the white chocolate and it gets thick making it impossible to smoothly coat the truffles.
– Take out about 6-7 truffles at a time, put one in the mixing glass at a time and coat. If you put more than one in at once then it will start to melt in the heat and while you’re tending to another truffle all the Oreo goodness will leak into your clean white chocolate.
-Once all the truffles are coated put them in the fridge to harden.
-After about 5 minutes place the truffles from the fridge back on the tray in the freezer and repeat the entire process.

Fancier people than me have enjoyed coating the truffles in dark chocolate or milk chocolate and some have even kept the white chocolate coating and drizzled it in yet another type of chocolate! How decadent! I’m a simple girl though, your end product should look something like this:Image



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