Motivation and Habits

When I was in college every semester I used to take some butcher paper and make a semester to-do list and write my goals out on it. I would post it in my room and try to keep to it! For the most part it was a really successful method of staying on track for me.

DSCN0924I’m trying to do this again, but on a smaller scale. Instead of having long-term goals, I have set out weekly goals that are also a daily check off list. These are 5 things I want to do everyday that I hope will help me form better habits and focus my life around improving myself instead of just being lazy (which definitely has it’s time and place with me)! I love lists and feeling like I’ve accomplished something. I know it doesn’t seem like much, but I have now started to get excited to make my bed every morning so that I can cross it off my check list! I just wanted to share my tiny method because they say setting short-term attainable goals is the best way to get things done, so why not start with a daily check off?


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