I’m Behind- FAVORITES!

1. Mac and Cheese. In the past few weeks I’ve neglected the blog…. Because I’ve been making mac and cheese. From scratch. With bacon. I think that explains it. I’ve tried out multiple recipes and none have disappointed! In the weeks to come I may be starting a series… And it may have something to do with Macaroni and Cheese + wine + DC + my friends Lauren and Dominique!

2. This one came from my sister. You have to listen to this song more than once and then you’re hooked and can’t stop. Just try it. Listen to it once and you’ll think “yeah, that was alright.” Give it an hour and listen to it again and you won’t be able to stop.

3. Air conditioning. This is kind of a given because summer is not my default season, but good god. What would I be without you air conditioning? A puddle. DC is my nightmare this week.

4. ASOS.com. Over my long 4th of July weekend I did a little indulgent online retail therapy. First, I bought sale items. THEN there was a weekend sale on and shipping was free! SO I got a full skirt, pair of black wedged desert boots, and Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum foundation! All for less than $100 which is pretty good in my book. The best part is that everything arrived the following Wednesday. I love buying things online and receiving mail and it’s all very exciting, but then I also hate ordering things online and opening things and trying them on…. What if it doesn’t fit? WHAT IF!? Asos receives a double favorite this week because I was 3 for 3 on my purchases. The skirt was a good fit, boots fit, and foundation was a perfect color match. Maybe I’m better at online shopping than I thought? Or it could be Asos…


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