Life Is Funny

I think I’m going to quit my job. I am planning on quitting my job. Unfortunately, I am 23-years-old and live with my parents. You would think “Hey Lisa, that affords you the opportunity to quit an awful job because you don’t have major life payments to make that shackle you to a bad job” right? For a normal person, yes. I, however, am very committed to my parents advice and guidance. I don’t think they have a sadistic dream of me staying at this job and being miserable, but they do not necessarily understand the dilemma of being stuck in a job where you have nothing keeping you there besides a paycheck. Both of my parents do not just have careers, they have professions; they do not understand the distinction of the fact that I have a job. Standing up to the people who would call themselves managers in my place of business and quitting does not distress me in the least, but I am afraid of my parents disapproval. It’s frustrating that this is the bigger battle I will have to fight, convincing my support system that I need to do this for myself. But that’s more than enough explanation I think. 

The next part of the story, and what motivates me to push on is what comes next. I have never particularly enjoyed school, so this whole thing is beautifully ironic. I think I’m going back to school. Many people (re: my parents) are skeptical about this. I have no clue where to start and I’m honestly functioning on the long-term idea I have had of being a teacher- enter irony. I have not studied anything in the area of education and I already have a BS in International Business. Woohoo! How incredibly useful, see how far it has gotten me already. In my dreams I would have this very long-standing, deep-seated dream of doing something with my life which would have started me early off in the right direction. It comforts me to know that probably close to 1% of people actually have this kind of experience in life. The only dream that I have specifically had that has lasted through the ages is the dream of being a mother. There’s not really a school for that though. SO, in the meantime I need something to bring home the bacon. All I can really do is keep praying about it and remove myself from an unhealthy situation in hopes that the next place I go will be better for me and an environment for me to be better. 

I wouldn’t typically post something this personal about my life because I’m always nervous about big life decisions and I can be fickle. Follow-through is not necessarily a skill I can boast about. It has been 9 months since the last time I felt a big push like this to change the circumstances of my life and this time I’m going to try something different. I like to think of this blog as an accountability booster, so hopefully the next time I update I’ll have good news! Or really life-crushing news that things aren’t going as great as expected, but they’re going! I’d honestly take it as a good sign at this point! I’m listening to my “Golden Oldies” station on Pandora to keep myself pumped to do battle. Having a pump up station is a life essential!


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