Blog Appreciation

Preface: Please do not be confused, I do not know any of these people personally (except one!), but I will talk about them like we are close friends. That is how they made it on this list, I have developed an attachment to all these blogs simply by getting really obsessed with their cool lives and interests via the internet.

On a bad day, even on a good day, one of my favorite things to do is sit around and read other people’s blogs. I follow a myriad of different blogs from lifestyle to fashion and beauty to people with the complete package! This is a list of some of the blogs that never disappoint!

A Sprinkle of Glitter
I have written about Louise before, mostly praising her youtube channel, her blog is no different. Louise is a wife and mom living in the UK and her blog is mostly lifestyle sprinkled with fashion and beauty. Not only does she have a lovely disposition after a life that would turn most people sour, she has such a cute husband and daughter. They are so fun to follow and read about, plus she does not sugar coat and make their life look perfect all the time (even though it probably is). She is such an awesome inspiration and Motivational Mondays make Monday a little more bearable.

Verbal Vomit
Hannah is an illustrator who is very close in age to me and got married a year ago. Again, I do not know her, but am I bitter? Yes. Incredibly. First, she and her husband have a band of adorable pets that make it onto her blog sometimes, they just got 2 cats! She is a very talented illustrator, has a great sense of humor, and has all the nerdiest interests and no shame. I never felt better about my obsession with Harry Potter until I read that she studied Welsh and went to Wales because JRR Tolkein based the Elvish language in Lord of the Rings on Welsh. No shame. It’s not unlike going to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter for your 23rd birthday and scouring the graveyard behind the Elephant House in Edinburgh in search of the graves of prominent characters in your favorite book series… You have a beautiful soul, Hannah.

The Beauty Department
This blog is just full of good beauty tips and great DIY tips for when you’re at home. I follow a lot of beauty gurus on youtube, but I find Beauty Department is totally beauty focused and gives a bit of a fuller explanation. Also, when written in blog format I find it easier to share with my friends because I get quite protective of my youtube subscriptions. So to avoid the message getting lost because of a personality clash, BD is a great source.

Joy the Baker
Even if I don’t always think I’d enjoy the recipes she posts (I’m not an adventurous eater), it’s still great to follow Joy the Baker. She post a lot of amazing recipes and they are also just beautifully photographed. It’s fun to follow her blog and instagram so you get to see shots deconstructed sometimes. Joy has a fancy life and enjoys a good cocktail, so there’s really no way to lose.

A Beautiful Mess
Elsie and Emma are sisters, so they immediately tug at my heart strings because I love my sister and we have a lot of shared interests. A Beautiful Mess post about everything. You get hair and make up, fashion, DIY, recipes, decor tips, honestly they are a domestic girl’s bread and butter. I have never wanted to thrift more than when I recently read their advice for thrifting. I’ve always felt inadequate because I couldn’t find good pieces or didn’t have much success in going to thrift stores, but I feel armed and ready for this week when I will be going to a thrift shop for the first time in years.

Live Beauty, Breathe Beauty
This is a Creep Master post for me, but Natalie commented on my blog a few weeks ago and I have loved her blog ever since. She is Canadian and reviews products that I look at in the store and want to buy, but put back because I have too much already and I can’t keep trying things until I use up what I have. In truth, I like to think she is saving me money, but I know that she is not. Her reviews are very in depth and recommendations are incredibly reasonable. Also, I’m pretty positive we have the same counter tops, swear to god. This is a new blog, show her some love.

Abby Explores
This is the exception blog! I know Abby! In real life! Abby and I met when we were both studying abroad in Malaga, Spain. We have been friends ever since. Last summer Abby did an internship in DC so I was blessed to have her to pal around with all summer last year. Now Abby has taken a post in the Peace Corps learning and volunteering with Sustainable Agriculture Systems in Panama. She will be gone for 2 years and I am already missing her, but she takes beautiful pictures and has a lot of great incites and experiences. It’s been really fun to read about her experiences in Panama so far. She’s still got a lot to come so I would totally recommend reading about her if you are at all interested in the Peace Corps or just enjoy hearing about lizards and termites and working with little children in rural Central America. Abby is very brave!


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