1. This buzzfeed article. I would just like to say that buzzfeed alone is good to be a favorite lately, but this article really hit close to home.

2. Iced coffee. It’s been a beautiful summer in DC so far. I really can’t complain too much. We’ve had a lot of really nice days and less humidity than expected! It’s still early though. Iced coffee is one of my favorite summer drinks because coffee + cold + warm weather? Yes.

3. This somewhat overpriced candle from Anthropologie, I’ve spent more… I have about 2% will power when it comes to candles. I think 1/50 times I am able to turn them down. I have the same amount of will power in Antrhopologie, so when I went with my friend Lauren a few weeks ago, we peer pressured each other into buying these candles. This one smells like a lovely garden in the spring or summer. Mmmmm.

4. I like all types of music. Like basically everything. I DO draw the line at specific artists, but it would be bad taste to just make a list of those. “The One That Got Away” by the Civil Wars is fantastic though. This song just is hard for me to stop listening to. Even if I’m not very interested in country, Civil Wars really appeal to my love of folk music. And they’re just way too talented. Enjoy.


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