It’s August!! So… Favorites?

Obviously it’s been August for a few days now… But oh well, here we are. I failed last week so these two favorites are running back to back. Such is life.

1. I learned something new today- one of my oldest friends does not like Mumford and Sons. I think this is fine because the extra love I have for them fills the void and evens out the world. Right? So, not only do I love this song, some of my favorite bros are in the music video!

2. Is it reasonable to say the weather has been my favorite lately? Because it has. It has been IDEAL in DC lately. I think I mentioned it last week, but if summer were always like this it may well be my second favorite season! It’s been my thing to go outside and read and eat everyday on my lunch break. Not being social is also a favorite right now.

3. Bagels. I cannot stop eating them. Everyday. It’s really becoming a problem, I had an egg white omelet this morning in an attempt at healthiness and I deeply regretted not having a bagel for the 4th day in a row. I survived though.

4. Prepare to judge me: My very large dog-pillow-bed. For myself. For reading at home. I am a strange girl. It’s hard to explain. I like to sprawl out when I read.


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