My Sickness Survival Guide

I’m writing this on my new Samsung Galaxy 3 tablet!! Fancy right? Don’t worry, I offset the glamour by sitting on my dog pillow in my pjs in my living room with the final dregs of a cold! No fear of forgetting all humility.

As mentioned, I’m sick! I’m also full of excuses, so here goes: I couldnt post this week because I’ve been sick, but I foolishly used up the majority of my sick days not being sick. This means I came home every night this week and crashed, with the exception of Governors night. The post I was planning to write this week will come sometime this weekend and next week begins my fabulous new series! Which I will explain in fuller detail in its initial post. But on to the meat of this post! I have had a head cold. Lovely, glorious head colds. My colds typically come in the form of a minor sinus infection and have really fun beginnings- ie I had a great time at my friend Natacha’s house last weekend, her pool was really fun. Something about chlorine opens my the flood gates of my sinus cavity. So that night I spent half my time blowing my nose and the other half insisting I was ok. Now that you have a thorough understanding of the magic going on behind my nose, I will try to impart my illness-wisdom on you in hopes that you may benefit from my genius.

1. Get proper tissues and make sure you have them with you everywhere. EVERYWHERE. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I always find I dont need to blow my nose sitting at my desk with a box full of tissues in front of me and no one within 5 feet of me. But on the bus? Or sitting at lunch? In a meeting? I wont go into the details of the drippy embarassment. Just stay prepared.

2. Cold meds for what you have, not what they tell you colds are supposed to be. First, for the love of god, get non-drowsy meds and be very vigilant about what time of day you are taking what. Second, if you’re like me and have a cold AND bad sinuses get combination medicine! Alka-Seltzern has always done me right. Cold-flu medicine is also widely available. I tend to get a lot of headaches from sinus pressure when I have a cold so this is a testament to having the right stuff.

3. Gatorade. Powerade if you’re one of those people, either way this stuff is the elixir of life when I’m sick. Not only is it good for hydration and comes in multiple tasty flavors, but the electrolytes also give your system a little boost. Water is also necessary, tea and coffee highly recommended. Hot drinks in general are nice during a cold.

4. Sleep as much as possible and with your head elevated. I use 3 pillows and prop myself up. Admittedly this is not my favorite way to sleep, but it helps avoid mucas drainage. I dont think I need to carry on.

5. When very congested, showering is so lovely. The steam and hot water work wonders, right? If you need more than your utilites bill can afford I like to do a combination of teo things. First, a hot compress is lovely and useful, a wet washcloth and microwave are all you need. I just focus that on the nose, obviously, right at the bridge getting where my sinuses are most distressed. In between turns with the hot compress breathing steam is a really nice offset. If at all possible (and it should be, after a compress) boil the smallest amount of water in a pot and inhale deeply through your nose. Exhale through your mouth, just like yoga right? Yeah, me neither. These two practices together help clear up my nose for at least a few hours. Relief is relief ok?

6. Good movies or Netflix. A book works well too if you have the focus I do not have when I’m sick. For some reason I get really into Lord of the Rings when I’m sick and always try to watch all three. I have almost never been able to do it. This time I watched the first movie, gave up, and made a hearty attempt at finally finishing the Tudors (I think I have 5 episodes left!).

There’s no actual cure for a head cold, but all these things help while I’m sick and I like to believe they speed up my recovery process too!


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