Royal Favorites

NO, this week’s favorites will have nothing to do with the Royal baby (even if I love him). But-

1. This song. I can’t stop listening to this remix.

2. Chai tea is so tasty and delicious. Summer has reared it’s ugly head and decided to bring the pain again, so it got really hot and humid- fast. Regardless, tea is slowly making it’s way back into my night time routine as my favorite night cap.Image

3. Raw salmon? This is odd to include, but I’ve been “dieting” or as I like to call it “eating healthier” because it makes me less stressed. I don’t like cooked salmon and I love sushi, so I’ve finally put it together and done the research that salmon has all the same nutrients whether or not it is cooked. So raw salmon with a little spreadable cheese on a wasa cracker is my new favorite snack.

4. Thunderstorms đŸ™‚ it’s storming right now which will hopefully help kick the heat, but this is something I feel we have missed out on in DC this summer. Without the crazy heat we get a lot less storms. I love the thunder and lightning and rain pounding down outside. It’s the perfect weather to cuddle up with a nice book or good movie!


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