A New Year

It’s 2014! Weird. In 2013 I went to Peru, the Outer Banks, spent a lot of quality time with good friends, learned a lot about wine, read good books, definitely watched too much tv, and then I quit my job. It’s something I’ve talked about doing for a while and it finally became clear that this was a necessary step. So I did! And I’m still in the non-reality stage where it hasn’t totally sunk in yet and I still need to find my next job… Which is it’s own adventure.

With my new-found free time (between applying for and researching jobs) I plan to take a lot more time taking care of myself and tending to my resolutions. Typically, I don’t put a lot of stock in new year resolutions- they tend to be short-lived and pretty identical every year. This year isn’t any different! While I’ve tried to make things a bit more specific so they are harder to stray from, there are still the traditional goals I set for myself almost every year. My hope is that by posting these I will put the extra energy necessary into making them a reality. So here goes!

My 2014 Resolutions:

  1. Run 2-3 times a week and participate in 2 races
  2. Read every day, preferably for 30 minutes or more, but whatever is manageable.
  3. Be kind, be loving, be polite.
  4. Play music 4 days a week. I’ve lost a lot of my piano and guitar and I think a little practice could fix that.
  5. Try a new thing or go a new place once a month.
  6. Figure out a sustainable weight-loss/healthy lifestyle that works for me. I’ve had success trying a few different regimens, but nothing has lasted for me. In addition, I want really toned arms and QUADS! If only for my bad knee, I need to take better care of that.

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