January in Review

I did alright in January. I made a general update in some of my most recent blogposts about my progress on my resolutions and unemployment and such. So far so good. Tomorrow I leave for a 3 day train journey into what could be a very scary adventure. It all remains to be seen. I might want to be drunk to deal with what’s to come, but one glass of wine will have to suffice for now. I am excited for many hours of reading and looking out the train window and not making friends with my seatmates all to get to the spectacular almost-summer weather!

Ahem. Back on track, in January I already told you how successful the majority of my antics were. There is one in particular that I didn’t update and couldn’t until about the last day of the month. Last week I got a library card. WOAH, calm down Lisa, you’re partying a little too hard and should take a break from the fast-paced, awesome life that would be overwhelming to so many. Guys, I can handle it. My life is exciting and I can’t stand it being any less. So for my once-a-month new experience in 2014 I started out strong by going to the Library for the first time in what has to be a decade. Now, this isn’t accounting for school libraries because those were necessary locations for getting work done. This was an entirely voluntary, even just for kicks, visit with the purpose of finding books to read FOR PLEASURE. Minds out of the gutter, I’m talking about extra-curricular reading because my curricular (?) is presently non-existent and probably would be uninteresting anyway. I already found out that you can rent language programs from my library. What the WHAT!?

Now, let’s get down to my first disappointment. I have a Nook and don’t use it very often, but I know that one of the main things that drew me to the library was the option to borrow books in ebook format! Great, free, convenient, easy, I don’t have to leave the house or look presentable to do it. A total win. Until tonight. When I went online to borrow some books from the library to fill the hours of my upcoming, likely-to-be boring train ride I found that many ebooks weren’t even available. What. How. Other question words that fit this scenario. I don’t get it. Do you? Can anyone make this a reasonable, understandable circumstance? I’m unashamedly outraged.

So, in conclusion: resolutions for January are an A- in practice. Full effects haven’t been realized yet, but I suppose that’s why you get an entire year to work on them!


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