February Friday Favorites

I haven’t written a favorites post in a while! I feel the time has definitely come for a reprise.


1. Downton Abbey. Being a very generous and thoughtful daughter, I bought my mother the first three seasons for Christmas which she then binge watched over her Christmas break. I tried starting the series once and got caught up in how much there was to keep track of when you first get into the story and how slowly it dives in. So I didn’t really start. After catching a few episodes while my parents watched I got the gist of the show and decided it was time to do the thing. And I haven’t been able to stop. I love an English period piece, I’m only human.

2. MAC’s Rebel lipstick. I love a bold lip color and Rebel is one of my favorite go-to shades. It’s that perfect purpley-fuscia color, pretty dramatic, but still a nice shade.

3. Yankee Candle’s Hazelnut Coffee candle! I’ll admit that I am a pretty mediocre coffee lover- which is to say that hazelnut coffee is my favorite kind unless someone is doing all the fancy steps. I am a sucker for those Yankee Candle coupons, it’s just an effective marketing tool! This candle gives my one of my favorite things about coffee without the work.

4 & 5. John Green’s The Fault In Our Stars. This is sort of a double favorite. First, this book is lovely. If you have ever read any other works by John Green then TFiOS definitely will not disappoint. If you have never read John Green, it still won’t disappoint. Admittedly, the story is pretty sad, but it is an important narrative. Second, John Green is one half of the Vlog Brothers on YouTube and I have been slowly progressing through their channel. I’m probably only 200 videos into over 1000, but what is unemployment for other than accomplishing goals like watching every single Vlog Brothers video? Their content is funny, nerdy, intelligent, and incredibly challenging. There is a little bit of something for everyone.


6. Vodka tonics. Enough said.

7. Tarte blush in Memorable. Now… I just searched online to link this product and discovered it is not available online… Or anywhere else? This particular shade came in my Christmas gift set this year so I don’t know whether it is impossible to find anywhere else, but I think Tarte’s Amazonian clay blushes are still worth talking about. I have a hard time with blush because it’s counter intuitive to me. If I put on foundation to make my face look like it is all one normal color, why am I then putting this pink to red colored product onto my face? Qu’est que c’est le point? These are lovely blushes if you can get past the initial dilemma that blush presents.

8. Spring Oreos. I think I’ve made my feelings about seasonal Oreos clear here before . If further clarity is needed though, I will make another reference to it here (just remember the basic idea is how good seasonal Oreos are).

9. Soap and Glory Hand Food. Essentially, I love all Soap and Glory products. The packaging is cute, they smell delicious, and, to top it all off, they are incredibly effective at doing what they promise. Hand Food is especially nice in the winter months when there’s a lot of hand washing and hard water and dry skin…. I’m getting shivery just thinking about it. Plus they make a neat little travel size for purses.

10. Jimmy Fallon. In general, I would say he is a lovely person and overall favorite of mine. This last favorite is a specific ode to his taking over the Tonight Show. Nothing about Jay Leno ever struck me as entertaining. Conan started strong, but the whole debacle became more than it was worth, and now Jimmy has stepped in. Again, he is overall a lovely person, humble, funny, and kind. His show is fun to watch and doesn’t spend a lot of time on things I don’t want to spent a lot of time on. If that makes any sense. Probably not. Where else would you get to watch Paul Rudd and other beloved celebrities lip sync like this?

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