Current Beauty Favorites

Please forgive me, I’ve failed to update recently due to some very good news: I have a new job. A real job- a big girl job. The kind of job with relatively good pay and benefits that I don’t hate showing up for. And I have a window desk. If they wanted me to stay forever then it is working. That being said- it’s been a bit of a transition getting back into the swing of working full time, but I will be trying to get back on the regular with posts.

Now that I have a paycheck again (technically the first one should arrive by owl post tomorrow or something, right now it seems like a very hypothetical situation) I can spend money! And I certainly haven’t turned down the chance. Some of my recent beauty purchases have been so lovely I felt they deserved mention, so here we are!

(Please excuse my very lazy photography, links will be at the bottom as wordpress won’t allow me any hyperlinks.)

1. Dr. Brandt Pores No More pore refiner. I received this sample in my March (?) Birchbox and it’s a wonder! I would say it is very similar to Benefit’s Porefessional, but there is something more pleasing about the coloring of this on my skin. It has a velvety matte finish and lasts all day. My only problem with this product would be a user-induced issue, but if you get too much on your skin then my foundation tends to slip and slide which isn’t pleasant. So, the lesson is to obviously only use a small amount as it’s a strong product!

2. Hermes Jour d’Hermes perfume. I know this is unfair, but I really hate the French language because I am so bad at it, I cannot pretend to spell anything French ever. But I love Hermes! And this perfume is divine. Posting about smelly products is impossible for me since I have no idea how to describe this scent. To give you an idea, I will explain that upon entering Sephora I was hoping to find a good every day perfume for summer and spring. Burberry Brit is my signature scent, but I feel it has more of a fall/winter tone, so I wanted something light, fresh, and clean for the day-to-day. Jour d’Hermes is what I got! This product is by no means cheap, but it’s such a nice smell, I smelled a LOT of perfumes before I found it and there isn’t much else like it!

3. Philosophy Field of Flowers lotion. Shopping in the beauty section at Marshall’s is almost never disappointing to me. They always have some random fancy brand with lovely clearanced items! Philosophy is another somewhat pricey brand and I have admired their lotions from afar for a very long time. Finally, last week I was able to purchase Field of Flowers in “Gardenia Blossom”. I wasn’t able to find this particular scent on their website, but basically any floral type will be just as delicious. I’m particularly excited about this lotion as I recently also bought a gardenia scented candle. Overload? Probably not. I have an obsessive personality.

4. L’Oreal nail polish in How Romantic. This is a very nice nudey-pink color that looks really sweet next to my pale skin. Recently I haven’t been as interested in painting my nails, it is a lot of upkeep. When the break or it’s time to take the polish off I just don’t want to deal with it. Nails are apparently an integral part of maintaining a calm lifestyle for me I guess. I’ve moved on from the dark polish and glitter polishes and just want some easy colors that aren’t going to clash with my weird wardrobe. Since it is such a light color you have to apply a bunch of coats (3) to get any color pay off, but it doesn’t hurt that I bought this polish on clearance.

5. Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara. I want to preface this purchase by explaining that I have never bought a non-drugstore mascara in my life. Until now. And it hasn’t disappointed to be truthful. I am a firm believer in Maybelline and l’Oreal mascaras, they have almost never done wrong by me. The buzz around this Too Faced mascara with a name I feel awkward about was so good that I felt like “what the hell, live a little! You’re getting a mythical paycheck one of these days and it will be worth it!” The weird shape of the wand gives my lashes body and volume and it is overall a pretty good purchase. I would get this mascara again, but only when feeling very fancy because Maybelline’s the Falsies is still superb and a fraction of the price.

6. L’Oreal Visible Lift Repair Absolute foundation in Light Ivory. It is rare that drugstores have foundation light enough for me. At least that’s the case in winter. I buy the lightest shade, get home and apply it just to feel like a phony. I can’t pretend to be tan, it’s not in my future ever. It was very exciting to open the packaging and find that the tone of this foundation actually matched my skin! This is a cream formula and is meant for age-reversing cosmetic purposes, so it may not be 100% applicable to my skin, but it has a very nice effect!

7. Revlon Just Bitten in Twilight. I love a bold lip- matte, bold colors that dry your lips out and make you look intense. This lip stain isn’t that. As you would suspect of a lip stain, the Revlon Just Bitten line gives just a light amount of coloring to your lips to make it seem, of course, like they are naturally that color. Or like you’ve just had a basket of strawberries. Think of it however it suits you. I’m going with strawberries. This is nice for a natural face of makeup or when you’re doing a heavy eye and want to keep the lip low key. Like I said, it wouldn’t be my go to product since it doesn’t have the dramatic flair of bright red lip, but it is an asset to your makeup bag and the color options are great!

I realize there are some relatively pricey items in my beauty list right now, but I can promise they would all be worth the investment. If you are having a fancy day and want to go for something a little more high end (or if you walk past the clearance sections and things call out to you like these did) you will not be disappointed with any of these products.

Pores No More-
Jour d’Hermes-
Field of Flowers-,en_US,pd.html
How Romantic-
Better Than Sex-
Visible Lift Repair-
Just Bitten-

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